We understand that death is complicated. The “where do I even start?” feeling can be overwhelming. Our service provides direction, personalization, and independence in memorial planning. We hope our checklist helps you find solid footing when organizing a memorial for yourself or a loved one.

We have created a thorough checklist to give you an idea of the essentials of memorial planning. Currently we are working on the following features that will help you to:

  1. Create a personalized checklist by answering a few questions so you can keep track of everything you need to plan a beautiful memorial.
  2. Create a budgeter so you can keep track of finances.
  3. Save your work at any time and come back later to resume your work.
  4. Collaborate with others by assigning additional users as editors or viewers.

These features will be released in the next month or two. Stay tuned! We are also working on additional functionalities that will allow you to invite people, manage guests, write an obituary, and create an online scrapbook to celebrate your loved one. We will release these features as soon as we are finished with them. Our goal is to ultimately create a website that can guide you in planning a memorial.

No! This entire website is 100% free for anyone to use. Dealing with grief is difficult already. We hope to do our part in helping you plan a beautiful memorial and celebrate life.

Kate and I both have experienced death in our families and friend circles. We know how difficult this process is, and we hope to create something that will make it easier. This website started as a class project, but we wanted to turn it into a real product that will help empower individuals to celebrate life in their own ways.

Traditionally, a funeral is a service at which the physical body is present. A memorial service has either cremated remains or no form of the body present.

People plan a memorial to honor the passing of a loved one in a personalized way. A memorial service also affords the family the extra time to plan a ceremony. Since a memorial service can take place after the body has been buried or cremated, there is no rush to organize a ceremony. Immediately following a death, families may not be emotionally ready to have a ceremony. They may need time to grieve. Relatives and friends that live far away can organize their schedule to travel for the memorial service. Memorial services can be utilized by persons of any religious or spiritual tradition. Additionally, memorial services tend to be more financially accessible than funerals.

Many of the items in our checklist can be useful in planning a funeral, but our services do not include body care nor do we contract a third party vendor for body care. Please contact a licensed funeral home to plan a funeral. We specialize in helping you plan a memorial.

We do not. We only offer assistance with memorial planning. Please contact a funeral home to arrange a full burial or a direct cremation provider for cremation.

We cannot at the moment. Please contact a local licensed cremation provider. Many cremation providers offer affordable prices for cremation-only service. You have the option to independently plan the memorial following direct cremation. That’s what we’re here for. In the future, we aim to connect you with local cremation providers directly.

We are not. For many people, death is very stressful and they would rather hire a professional to do all of the planning. Funeral homes are an excellent option if you want another person to guide you through the process, especially if you’re entering the planning process suddenly. We are here to help people who want to plan memorials themselves. Planning a memorial yourself can save you a lot of money. It can also become an incredibly rewarding experience as you take personal ownership in celebrating the life of yourself or loved one.

Many websites offer help on end-of-life planning such as financial advice, legal counsel, estate planning, etc. We focus on helping people plan memorials because this is what we’re passionate about and where we think we can make the biggest difference. We encourage you to consult with other industry experts if you have questions outside of planning a memorial.

Yes. You can call or text X anytime at 507-401-6095. Feel free to leave a voicemail, and he’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that he is not a licensed funeral director or counselor, but he is more than happy to answer questions or receive feedback you may have about our website.